PART 2 [ SKAM España 2×01 – 2×10 ]

Don’t forget to watch in HD! I can’t believe they’re not coming back until 2020 and we still don’t know who’s season it’s going to be? OR whether Alejandro will even be at school??

I have a THEORY or more a FANFIC IDEA of Alejandro not passing the year and having to redo it again… and Nora tutors him but like secretly… and that’s how they’re going to incorporate the sneaking around storyline?? And the reason he isn’t passing is because of family issues… like the sister storyline from the OG?? I think it was his sister who he posted on Instagram, when Nora thought he was showing off another girl on Insta… BUT WE DON’T EVEN KNOW IF SHE’S GONNA GET A SEASON YET SO I’M JUST THINKING UP THEORIES IN MY HEAD LMAOOOO

The good news is SKAM Espana will definitely be back for season 3 and 4, whether one of those seasons will be centred on Nora and Alejandro we won’t know until they air unfortunately 😦

There’s a few more Viri moments in this part because I feel like they’re relevant, especially if Norandro’s story does continue… there have been a lot of rumours that Viri’s season will be next but honestly WE JUST DON’T KNOW AND WOW IS THAT STRESFULL.

Like I’ve said previously though, I feel like there’s been too much development with their story for it to just end here! It would be such a waste of their characters and chemistry ❤

You can watch SKAM España, links below:

Season 1-…

Season 2 –…

Fandom: SKAM España ( MOVISTAR+ )


Alien – Jonas Blue, Sabrina Carpenter

Bad at Love – Halsey

Come Out & Play – Nicole Wallace, Billie Eilish

i hate you, i love you – gnash feat. olivia o’brien

Anything Could Happen – Ellie Goulding

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